Getting to Know the DeepJudge Team: Paulina Grnarova, CEO and Co-Founder

This is the first installment in the series of getting to know the DeepJudge team. 

Meet Paulina Grnarova, our CEO. Like the other co-founders of DeepJudge, Paulina earned her PhD in an AI-related field from ETH Zürich and has experience working at Google. Despite these shared achievements, each team member brings unique and diverse backgrounds and interests to the table. Join us as we ask them some questions and learn more about the people behind DeepJudge.

Where did you grow up, and how did you first get interested in artificial intelligence?

I grew up in North Macedonia and always knew I’d study computer science due to my love for mathematics. I completed my bachelor's degree in Skopje and was awarded the prestigious Engineering Ring by the President of North Macedonia. This recognition motivated me to further specialize and pursue my MSc studies at EPFL in Switzerland. During my time there, I developed a strong interest in machine learning, which led me to continue my education with a PhD in the field.

What did you focus on for your PhD?

My PhD focused on training and optimization of deep generative models from a game-theoretic perspective, particularly Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs). I was fortunate to have Ian Goodfellow, the inventor of GANs, on my PhD committee.

What is your favorite part of working with your co-founders and team at DeepJudge?

Each person at DeepJudge is incredibly smart, talented, and motivated. Kevin and Yannic are the best cofounders I could have ever asked for. We work hard, but we also have lots of fun together.

I learn a lot from the team. We're all accustomed to having great search engines in our daily lives, but the situation with internal search at law firms and organizations is different. We’re excited that our expertise in search can help solve a longstanding problem for these professionals. That really motivates us.

What most interests you about the legal industry? What has surprised you the most about it?

Law firms are sitting on tons of data that is their intellectual output, yet they don’t fully leverage its value! When people hire a large law firm, they expect to benefit from the collective experience of having encountered similar situations. It’s fascinating to see the untapped potential within these vast repositories of knowledge.

Despite not having a legal background, I enjoy the legal field and find that lawyers and computer scientists share a similar way of thinking—strategic and logical. It’s been fascinating to see how our skills can intersect and benefit each other.

Where do you see the company in the next five years, and what legal tech advancements do you hope to see in that time?

Lawyers have no shortage of words; in fact, their organizations are sitting on millions of documents. While generative AI can create even more words and content, DeepJudge is excited about synthesizing existing knowledge—finding the right information, delivering it in the right format, and informing strategy based on past work. A lot of new business opportunities and enhanced productivity can be unlocked in that way, which is precisely DeepJudge’s mission.

When you’re not working what do you do to unwind?

When I'm off the clock, I like going to the sports center with the DeepJudge team. Plus, hanging out with my dog, Loki, who loves crashing the office and distracting everyone.

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