Redefining search

AI-powered search across all your firm's data.
In the AI era, we believe the true difference lies in streamlining and leveraging institutional knowledge for future success.

Team of Experts

Coming right from the frontier of AI research, our founding team of experts are equipped with PhDs in AI and years of experience in big tech companies. We know how to build AI systems that deliver the levels of quality, reliability and privacy that legal workflows demand.


CEO & Founder

During her PhD, Paulina witnessed the AI revolution first hand at ETH Zürich and Google, and decided it is time to challenge the status quo in legaltech with her own team of AI experts. Recognised on the Forbes 30 under 30 list and named a Digital Shaper in Switzerland, Paulina leads DeepJudge with exceptional insight and expertise.


COO & Founder

Kevin is a physicist turned computer scientist with a knack for data and algorithms, and has worked at Google Brain in Berlin and Microsoft Research in Cambridge UK. He holds a PhD in machine learning from ETH Zürich and was awarded the ETH Medal in Physics. At DeepJudge, Kevin oversees operations.


CTO & Founder

Yannic leads technical development at DeepJudge. His PhD in AI at ETH Zürich and work at Google AI Language place him at the forefront of training, building and deploying ML models. He also runs the largest YouTube channel on machine learning research and played a leading role in the development of OpenAssistant.


SVP of Sales & Product Strategy

With over 18 years in legaltech sales and account management, Tony has held key roles at Intelligize Inc. and Thomson Reuters. He later became Global Director of Sales in Legal Markets at Kira Systems and most recently served as Director of Enterprise Accounts at CaseText.


Enterprise Account Director

Kyle began his career with LexisNexis, ultimately becoming a part of their sales leadership team before moving into a leadership role with a start up utilizing ML for court data analysis. Most recently, he was the leading member of Casetext's enterprise revenue team.


Enterprise Account Director

Connor holds an MBA from University of California, Davis and has over 15 years of enterprise sales experience, including more than a decade at LexisNexis. He also served as Vice President of Customer Success at Convergence Research, where he was responsible for revenue and profitability.


Machine Learning Engineer


Machine Learning Engineer


Software Engineer


Software Engineer


Executive Assistant




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Business Developer


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Software Engineering Intern


Machine Learning Engineer


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