DeepJudge is welcoming Tony Ensinger to their team as the new Senior Vice President of Sales and Product Strategy.


Tony brings a wealth of experience in legal tech, most recently through his role as Head of Enterprise Accounts at Casetext (acquired by Thomson Reuters) and previously as the Global Director of Sales at Kira Systems (acquired by Litera).

“Recently, we have seen massive progress in terms of what AI can do, especially when it comes to understanding and processing text”, says the CEO and co-founder Paulina Grnarova, digital shaper 21/22/23 and Forbes 30 under 30. “For the legal domain, AI will really make a difference in two key places: 1) Analyzing and assisting when dealing with legal documents 2) reusing and leveraging internal data and know-how”. The latter has been ripe for a change, and unlocking its full potential means unlocking the true competitive power of a firm, claims the promising CEO.

Tony, a seasoned professional with nearly 20 years of experience in legal technology, expresses his excitement about joining an incredibly talented team led by three ex-Googlers with PhDs in AI from ETH Zurich.

“Many law firms are developing a GenAI strategy, and it’s clear that the ‘holy grail’ is in the ability to connect the powers of these models to the entire historical data and know-how of the firm. DeepJudge has figured out how to do this. Specifically, generative models by themselves can only consider a small amount of data at a time. By connecting them to a high-performance semantic enterprise search, one can extend their powers to much more data, all while respecting ethical walls and other access rights.”

The CTO and co-founder of DeepJudge, Yannic Kilcher, is an expert in AI and machine learning, and suggests that a fundamental AI paradigm is the so-called ‘garbage-in, garbage-out’ principle. For any given task, the GenAI model thrives on receiving the most pertinent information. This demands identifying the most relevant data at scale, but also dealing with duplicates, versioning, redlines, and various other complexities. Hence, DeepJudge has developed a sophisticated search engine addressing these challenges. “We strongly believe that most law firms and in-house legal departments will be investing in a scalable search that is able to deal with the messiness of internal data as a fundamental piece of tech stack that is the basis of any GenAI strategy”.

DeepJudge, based in Zurich (Switzerland), is a revolutionary intent-based search AI startup, helping legal professionals to quickly find related documents from internal repositories. It diverges from classical keyword-centric non-contextual search, offering a cutting-edge solution in the legal tech landscape.