DeepJudge and Homburger: Reflecting on One Year of Usage & Further Strengthening Partnership


DeepJudge strengthens its partnership with Homburger even further, building on over a year of the firm's utilization of DeepJudge Search. The adoption rate has been remarkable, with more than 80% of Homburger’s legal professionals incorporating it into their workflow and a level of engagement that is unparalleled compared with other legal tech tools at the firm.

DeepJudge Search serves as the crucial link between Homburger's legal experts and their extensive internal repositories of knowledge. Within law firms, a wealth of knowledge resides in such internal repositories, including advice in emails, considerations in memos, and negotiations in contracts. DeepJudge efficiently and securely makes this wealth of information accessible to everyone in the firm, handling various languages, document types, duplicates, and versions with ease.

Being able to efficiently access the right information or knowledge has large benefits for firms or organizations. Internal knowledge on demand within a law firm not only enhances productivity by laying the groundwork for knowledge work, where drafts and strategies evolve from existing insights, but also embodies a significant competitive advantage accrued over time. In addition, it’s a crucial part of a firm’s strategy when it comes to building the tech stack, as it not only connects users to data, but also other legaltech tools and data.

«DeepJudge is a cornerstone technology within our tech stack, empowering our professionals daily and on top of that enhancing the capabilities of Generative AI,» remarks David Oser, partner at Homburger. «Having onboarded a variety of Generative AI tools, we recognize that to fully harness their potential, it is essential that we can first retrieve the relevant data that feeds into them. DeepJudge is outstanding in this regard and has become the essential gateway for all new tools and our internal data.»

As our partnership with Homburger continues to grow, our aim is to further enhance DeepJudge's utility for lawyers, providing comprehensive insights into past and present matters where Homburger has significantly contributed to the platform's advancements.

«Homburger, as a leading Swiss law firm, has been an amazing partner to us. It is wonderful to collaborate with firms that actively strive to innovate and embrace technology, all with the ultimate goal of providing the best services and the most sound advice to their clients,» says Paulina Grnarova, CEO and co-founder of DeepJudge.

About DeepJudge. Founded by ex-Googlers with PhDs in AI from ETH Zurich, DeepJudge harnesses multilingual and proprietary AI technology to provide an intent-based, scalable, and secure search engine tailored specifically for legal documents. Since being founded, DeepJudge has emerged as one of the most highly-awarded Swiss startups, achieving notable success on the international stage. 

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